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“Thank you so much for this webinar. 10 years ago, my 57 year old son with IDD was charged…and the nightmare began. He was also diagnosed with autism at that time. I’ve been waiting for a program like this one ever since. My attorneys followed this strategy exactly- and my son was found incompetent to stand trial. He is now thriving in a community where he is valued and has a productive life. I continue to learn (almost 90 years old) and I believe your programs to be outstanding. Wish I’d had them years ago”


I don’t think anyone has done more than I’m aware of to put out to the legal community information that gives them the knowledge that they need to represent this part of the population. So I appreciate very much what you have done in that in that way. That means a good deal coming from you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Larry Dubin

​​Elizabeth was always diligent about maintaining communication and completing all agreed upon tasks in a timely manner. She is a great communicator who works both diligently and passionately in her profession. Having dealt with many attorneys and professionals over the years, I can tell you that she is by far one of the best.


Elizabeth is an ethical lawyer with a brilliant mind who represented my husband. She has a tremendous ability to roll with the punches life throws during those difficult cases and rise above them victoriously. Over the years she has become an inspiration, mentor and my go to person for all things legal. I highly recommend her for her legal expertise and her kindness. Do not mistake her compassion for clients as weakness. She is the most zealous advocate a client could desire.


A turn of fate prompted an introduction to Elizabeth. She took a larger interest regarding my legal issue. I have come to rely on her vast knowledge, experience and network as a tremendous resource. If she does not have an immediate answer, she will always find the correct one. She enlists others who are experts in their field when the need arises to assemble a perfect team. I strongly recommend her legal services for anyone who seeks a tireless champion in their corner.


​​I met Elizabeth years ago after following her articles on mental health issues. We subsequently worked on cases together and currently collaborate on projects for the NACDL Corrections Committee. Her reputation and expertise are superb and well known in the circles that I travel. She is simply the “go to” person for defending people with mental health disorders.​

-​Jack Donson

​[I am] a former inmate of 16 years who is now free in great part due to the critical support of zealous advocate Elizabeth Kelley who went to extraordinary lengths…. Elizabeth Kelley is an honest advocate you can trust because she doesn’t vanish the truth with lies. She just honestly does what she can to resource struggling people and help them.


Simply, Elizabeth Kelley is the best lawyer and advocate in the country representing clients with mental and related disabilities. This is not an easy job, it takes a rare combination of skill, experience, relationships and empathy, all of which Elizabeth has in abundance. Whether retained in direct client representation, or brought in as a member of a pre-existing legal team, her value is immediate. Her work ethic and drive to do what’s best for the client is unparalleled. Not only do I trust her on any matter involving a client with mental disabilities, but call upon her first thing to make sure we are heading in the right direction dedicated to the best result for the client. If this sounds like a five star review, it is.

-​Jeffrey D. Grant

​​Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for people living with serious mental illnesses/serious brain disorders who often end up, due to their untreated illnesses, in the criminal justice system. She is educated in every aspect of these illnesses, and uses that knowledge to fight for the rights of her clients. Elizabeth goes far beyond her professional degrees, she is a true passionate partner and champion of her clients and their families. She cares and is an incredible attorney who knows her field–a powerful combination. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-Linda L. Mimms

​I was facing an unimaginable horror, being prosecuted for a terrible crime that I was completely innocent of.  When my original counsel turned out to be a bad fit, I turned to Elizabeth.   She was diligent, professional, thorough, and hard working.   But what really made the difference  was her belief in me.  My life was on the line, but her constant support and belief got me through.  She truly saved me.  Despite my innocence, it could have easily gone wrong.  Elizabeth really came through for me and now I can put my life back together.